School Council, Eco Club and Pupil Parliament

“I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.” - Greta Thunberg

What is School Council?

The School Council is a group of children who meet regularly to discuss issues that are important to them in the school. 

Why do we have a Children’s School Council?

  • To empower children to have a voice.
  • To improve the school according to the children's point of view.
  • To make sure each class has a platform to voice their opinions.
  • To discuss and raise issues.

How do I become a Children’s School Councillor?

At the beginning of each year, children can nominate themselves. Nominees present to their class the reasons why they would make a good Councillor. Each class votes for their Councillor. This helps to show the children how a democracy works as part of our British Values. 

What we do in the Meetings

Each Councillor meets with their class to discuss ideas about changes and improvements to the school. The issues are then raised in the meetings and Councillors discuss how to move forward with these ideas. They carry out surveys and votes within their classes so that each class's opinion is represented. These opinions are then fed back to the council and the opinion of the majority is taken forward.


The school council requested improvements be to the girls toilets. The children put forward their proposals and worked with the Head teacher to create murals for the walls. This gave them ownership over the space and really brightened things up! 

School Council Representatives 2021 - 2022

Chair: Henry 

Vice Chair:  Harry

Secretary:  Isla and Sophie

Class Representatives:

Class 2: Freya and Alfie  

Class 3: Coralie and Prabroop     

Class 4: Charlotte and Hugo 
Class 5: Jack and Eabha  

Staff Leader: Miss Padden / Mrs Price

Eco Club 

Our Eco Club are passionate about the environment and environmental issues.

Our children are working on a hands-on approach to support eco matters that are important to them. The students have formed an Eco Club committee with representatives from all year groups. Our curriculum also excites all the children through topics such as sustainability and globalisation. 

As part of the roles and responsibilities of the Eco Club, members support the Active Travel to school initiative. This means they carry out surveys, gather pupils ideas and suggestions and find new ways to encourage each other to be more green with their active travel. 

Eco Club Members

Alba                               Mia

Eabha                            Rosie

Maxi                               Iris

Billy                                Mila

Alfie                               Tom 

 Pupil Parliament 
Our pupils joined together with others from our Cluster Schools to present a piece sharing their thoughts and views on how life has changed since the pandemic. Their well thought through argument was articulated clearly to others and show their level of maturity in their thinking. Please see their presentation below. 

Believe, Belong, Become
Taken from Hebrews 10:24-25
‘And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds’